Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast tells the story of a lovely lady who put or falls in love with human beings who have such a bad one. The woman named Bella (Emma Watson) and the man who had such a bad way, played by Dan Stevens.

Bella is the daughter of of a king with his beautiful face and many men love it. But Bella is not interested in the man, and still trying to find his true love.

One day Bella met the Beast makes Bella was terrified and tried to escape, but eventually became close friends bella and bella inexplicably began to like the man.

This makes the contention that makes both parents Bella disagreed and refused their relationship, because love Bela sincere the Beast siburuk such a turn into the pia very handsome and dashing and changed its name to Gaston (Luke Evans), their love becomes a story teromantis in history at that time.

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