Baby Boss. One of the latest animated film from Hollywood is ready to present on the big screen in March 2017, with the title “The Boss Baby”. The director of the best-selling series of animated films “Madagascar”, Tom McGrath, who also voiced the character ‘Skipper’, sitting behind the screen. While the actor Alec Baldwin who voiced the character ‘Makunga the Lion’ in the animated film “Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa” ??(2008) got the lead role as the ‘baby’ in this film.

The movie “The Boss Baby” is adapted from a picture book with the same name by Marla Frazee. The story tells of a seven year old child, named Tim (voiced Miles Bakshi). He felt jealous of his sister, a baby (voiced by Alec Baldwin), because his brother could be quicker to speak so very loved. Therefore, the team had to compete with his sister to get the love of their parents.
In this competition, he discovered the secret of a plot to be carried out by the CEO Puppy Co., Francis (voiced by Steve Buscemi) to damage the bonds of affection in the world, and could jeopardize his sister and his parents. Knowing this, Tim had to do something and be united to his brother to thwart the evil plans. Since then, they work together in order to save his father (voiced by Jimmy Kimmel) and mother (voiced by Lisa Kudrow) from the threat of crime.

In addition, they also have to restore the world order, and prove that love is an infinite power. The film is to convey a great deal about the moral values ??of fraternity and love the family, so it is suitable to be viewed together with family members to fill holiday.

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